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Getting Started - AWS Component for .NET

The following article guides you on opening the simple examples sample application and running it for the first time.

Step 1 - Download the AWS component for .NET package.
If you have not already downloaded the package you can get it here.

Step 2 - Unzip the file you downloaded.
You can unzip the file anywhere you choose.  You may want to unzip it to your desktop.

Step 3 - Open the S3AllOperations sample project.
The package you unzipped contains sample projects in VB.NET and C#.  Browse to the S3AllOperations.sln file in the programming language of your choice and open it.

Step 4 - Start debugging the application.
Start debugging the application to run it.

Step5 - Enter your information.
When the application starts enter your Amazon web services Access Key ID and your Amazon Secret Access Key.  Then click the List Buckets button.

Step6 -  Examine the results.
If all went well you will be presented with a list of Amazon buckets in your account.  If something went wrong you will be presented with an error message detailing the problem.  Notice the output window in Visual Studio will contain log information related to the last SprightlySoft AWS component call.

You may want to continue by exploring the tabs of the application.  You will find examples to upload a file, download a file, and list a bucket.  If you would like to step through the application, view the code of the FormMain form and add a breakpoint.  Next time you run that function the application will pause on that line and you will be able to step through the code one line at a time.

When you are familiar with the S3AllOperations project try one of the other projects.  Each gives you examples of working with different aspects of Amazon's web services.


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