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Glacier Sync - Release Notes

2013-04-18 v1.8

  • The wizard now has an option to save and open the command-line.
  • Corrected a bug where the application would crash if the secret key was not in the command-line.

2013-04-01 v1.7

  • 0 byte files can now be stored on Glacier and retrieved from Glacier.
  • More information is now logged when listing files.
  • Fixed a problem when the MultipartThreads and TransferThreads values did not use the default values.
  • The program now aborts a multipart upload if it cannot complete the multipart upload because parts have changed.

2013-03-20 v1.6

  • Fixed a problem where an upload may start when another upload was taking place.
  • The program now continues if there is no permission when listing a folder ot a file is invalid. The program will return ExitCode -2.
  • The program will retry requests if a timeout occurs. These are non upload and download requests.
  • Corrected a problem selecting the root drive as a source folder in the command-line wizard.

2013-03-02 v1.5

  • Fixed a problem uploading files with special ASCII characters in their name.
  • If a file was deleted from Glacier but exists in the local cache, the program now recognizes the file cannot be downloaded.
  • The command line text box in the wizard is now editable.

2013-03-01 v1.4

  • A fresh authorization header is now generated each time a request to Glacier is retried. This will prevent a signature expired error after several retries.

2013-02-15 v1.3

  • Microsoft security update KB2656351 changed the limit of items in a JSON list to 1000. This prevented Glacier Sync from reading a cache file with more than 1000 files. The program now uses another provider to load the cache file.
  • Fixed a problem where an uploaded file would not be recorded in the cache.

2013-02-13 v1.2

  • The program can now upload files where the file name contains non-ASCII characters.

2013-01-29 v1.1

  • Fixed a bug where invalid signatures were being generated when a file name contains concurrent spaces.
  • Fixed a bug where invalid signatures were being generated when a query string value contained the colon character.
  • More information is returned when an invalid signature error is returned.
  • Added error handling to the RunExistingProcessCheck code.
  • The full command line arguments are not written to the log file.
  • The program now aborts a transfer if there has been no activity for 5 minutes.
  • Removed the UploadTimeoutSeconds and DownloadTimeoutSeconds parameters.
  • Fixed an error related to getting files that were ready to download.
  • The current speed now displays a more accurate value.
  • Improved the detection of the exe path in the wizard.
  • The wizard now lists all available vaults.

2012-12-14 v1.0

  • First release.


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