SprightlySoft’s AWS Component for .NET vs. Amazon’s AWS SDK for .NET

SprightlySoft has released a new product that allows Microsoft developers to interact with all aspects of Amazon’s web services.  Amazon has many web service products such as EC2, S3, and Simple DB.  Amazon allows anyone to interact with these services through an API they provide.  Developers create programs that send requests to the API and process the result.  A typical use of the API would be uploading a file to Amazon S3 or listing all files in S3.

There are many different programming languages and it’s up to the developer to find a way to interact with Amazon’s API.  Amazon has recently released an SDK to help Microsoft .NET developers.  The problem with the SDK is that it does not support all Amazon services.  If you want to develop something for an unsupported service such as Amazon DevPay, you either need to create the missing functions or find another component.  Another problem is the SDK does not closely follow the API documentation.  When learning a service a developer needs to read Amazon’s API documentation then discover how that functionality has been exposed through the SDK.  It takes more work to develop a solution.

SprightlySoft has solved these problems with its AWS component for .NET.  The component is a simple consumer or Amazon’s REST interface.  It works with all services provided by Amazon and it closely follows the API documentation.  To work with an Amazon web service you connect to a URL and you send data.  The API documentation identifies what URL you should connect to and what parameters you should be sending.  It’s a simple process of applying information from the documentations to a developer’s code.

Another benefit of SprightlySoft’s component is the sample code provided.  There is at least one function call for every web service offered by Amazon.  It’s easy to modify any example to call any operation.  All sample code is provided in both C# and VB.NET.

SprightlySoft’s component really shines with the Amazon’s S3 service.  S3 is different than the other Amazon services.  Other services work by sending information to a URL and retrieving an XML response.  With S3 you work with files.  Sending files and retrieving files.  Working with files is a different skill than working with XML.  It takes much longer to transfer a large file, there is a need to see the progress of the transfer, there are error handling concerns, and there is a need to abort transfers in progress.  The SprightlySoft component addresses all these issues.  Some specialized features SprightlySoft offers are calculating the hash of a file with progress notification and encrypting a file with progress notification.

The best part of the SprightlySoft’s AWS Component for .NET is that it is free.  You can download it now and start using it in your project.  You will be able to leverage the power is Amazon’s cloud computing platform today.