SprightlySoft Releases Glacier Sync

SprightlySoft is pleased to announce the release of Glacier Sync. Glacier Sync is a Windows application that allows you to synchronize a folder on your computer with a vault on Amazon Glacier.

Amazon Glacier is an extremely inexpensive file archiving service. It is designed to store files for a long period of time where the files are accessed infrequently. It is great for backing up important files such as family pictures, tax receipts, your music collection, videos, and documents. By storing files on Glacier you have the piece of mind that your files will be available if they are ever needed.

Backing up files is important because once a file is lost, the information is gone forever. Hard drive failures are common and it is expensive to recover data. Backing up data to another computer is good, but if the other computer is in the same location your data may not be safe. A fire can destroy all the computers or a thief may steal the computers. A better solution is to back up your files to another location.

SprightlySoft Glacier Sync makes it easy to upload your important files to Amazon Glacier. Use the wizard to enter your information and start an upload. The application can be run from the command line which makes it easy to run automatically as a scheduled task. The application also has advanced features such as excluding certain files, creating a log file, and sending an email on completion.

To learn more and download Glacier Sync visit http://sprightlysoft.com/GlacierSync/.