SprightlySoft Releases S3 Delete

SprightlySoft is pleased to announce the release of S3 Delete. S3 Delete is a command line program that allows Windows users to delete files from Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 is a web service that allows you to store and retrieve files. You can upload as many files you’d like and they can be made available through the Internet. There is no upfront cost for using the service and you only pay for what you use.

SprightlySoft S3 Delete allows you to delete files and folders in your S3 account. The program uses parallel processing so multiple calls to delete files are made at the same time. This makes deleting many files faster. The program can be used to only delete files of a certain type or age.

S3 Delete is completely free to use and it is open source. You may make changes to the code or include it’s functionality in your own application. Download the application and .NET source code from http://sprightlysoft.com/S3Delete/.