S3 Sync Now Supports AWS GovCloud, GreenQloud, and Seeweb

SprightlySoft is pleased to announce S3 Sync now supports Amzon’s AWS GovCloud service. GovCloud provides compute and storage services for US government agencies. Data in this environment is segregated and complies with specific requirements for hosting government information.  To read more about GovCloud see http://aws.amazon.com/govcloud-us/.

To use S3 Sync with GovCloud you must first have a GovCloud account. Run the program normally but specify the RequestEndpoint parameter. Here is an example of the command line for uploading files to GovCloud.

S3Sync.exe -AWSAccessKeyId xxxxxxxxxxxx -AWSSecretAccessKey xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -SyncDirection upload -LocalFolderPath “C:\myfolder” -BucketName govbucket -RequestEndpoint s3-us-gov-west-1.amazonaws.com

S3 Sync also supports third party hosting providers that are compatable with the S3 API. One of these providers is GreenQloud. To use S3 Sync with GreenQloud set the RequestEndpoint parameter to s.greenqloud.com. Here is an example of the command line to upload files to GreenQloud.

S3Sync.exe -AWSAccessKeyId xxxxxxxxxxxx -AWSSecretAccessKey xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -SyncDirection upload -LocalFolderPath “C:\myfolder” -BucketName mybucket -RequestEndpoint s.greenqloud.com

Learn about GreenQloud’s Storage Qloud service at http://greenqloud.com/storageqloud/.

 S3 Sync is built with the SprightlySoft AWS Component for .NET. The AWS Component allows Microsoft developers to quickly build applications that interact with Amazon Web Services and third parties that are compatable their API.

For information on S3 Sync see http://sprightlysoft.com/S3Sync/.

For information on the AWS Component for .NET see http://sprightlysoft.com/AWSComponent/.