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AWS Component - Support Agreement

Use of the AWS Component is always free.  If you would like access to the source code and premium support you can purchase a support agreement.

1 Year Support Agreement - $199


Upon completion of your purchase you will be emailed instructions to download the source code.

Reasons to Buy

  • Access to the latest AWS Component for .NET source code.
  • Premium support from the dedicated SprightlySoft staff.
  • Support agreement renewals at a discounted price.

Benefits of the Source Code

  • Add functionality that does not currently exist.
  • Review the code for corporate compliance.
  • Use functions in your project without the need to reference a dll file.

The AWS Component source code is currently in VB.NET.

Source Code License

The source code license is royalty free.  You have permission to modify the code and use it within your own projects.  You do not have permission to redistribute the AWS Component source code without prior authorization.  See the source code license agreement for full details.



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