Amazon Endorses the SprightlySoft AWS Component

SprightlySoft is pleased to announce that Amazon has recommended the SprightlySoft AWS Component for .NET to developers looking to interact with Amazon Route 53.  The endorsement is included in the Amazon Route 53 Getting Started Guide.  See for details.

Amazon Route 53 is a scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service.  You would use it to point your domain names to the Amazon services you use.  When using Amazon web services you are continually bringing computers online and taking them offline.  You need to update your domain names quickly to reflect these changes.  Amazon Route 53 allows you to programmatically make changes to your domain name configuration.  Route 53 is also super quick and can handle massive amounts of users using your services.

The SprightlySoft AWS Component allows Microsoft developers to quickly and easily create applications that interact with Amazon Route 53.  The component includes sample code in C# and VB.NET for all Route 53 functions.  Best of all it is completely free to use.

SprightlySoft hopes many developers will find the component useful and looks forward to building more great applications that use Amazon web services.